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An ass is an ass is an ass. What is up with the ass hysteria in the world right now?? Why is everyone obsessing over butts? Why is everyone squatting? When did having a perfectly round, big behind become the number one priority in people’s lives? The question is: Who gives a shit about asses?? Oh yea, that’s right… Shit does. Shit gives a shit. THEY ARE CALLED GLUTEUS MAXIMUS AND WE SIT ON THEM WHEN WE GO TO THE TOILET. This is what most of the fitness world and people from all over are focusing their attention and hard work on. Also, incidentally, posting mean comment over. I don’t get it! There are so many more important thing to worry about than butts. So many. There is war happening in the world. Children dying in Gaza. Starvation. Sadness. Death. Also, luckily, there are rainbows. Peace. Life. Friendship. Butterflies. Puppies. Newborn babies. Miracles. Love, in so many shapes and forms. I would say that on the big list of things worth spending time on in this life, butts don’t even make the cut.

If you are more worried about the size of people’s asses than you are of your own ability to be kind, well then, frankly, you’re an ass.

Let’s spend the rest of the day being kind to each other now, shall we? Alrighty then. Carry on.